Would you like to help your child see a tangible demonstration on how to subtract and regroup but don’t know how to offer that to them? You don’t have to! Click on the picture to see a wonderful video that models subtraction with regrouping. Then, print out a copy of our subtraction rhyme that we use on a daily basis. Have  fun as your child explains what each line of the rhyme means. Afterward, you both can chant it as you practice together!

One thought on “Subtraction

  1. It should be required that every parent watch this video together with their child. It really does an awesome job of explaining it so that both student and parent can better understand how and why each step takes place. I have posted it on the Intermediate Facebook page, along with many many sites. You do not have to have a Facebook account or ever login to view these links. I urge you and your parents to take a look at them. You will surely save some as your favorites. Please keep excellent videos such as this coming.

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