Second Six Weeks

Here is a peek into what our class will be working on during the second six weeks:

  • Basic addition and subtraction facts
  • Addition and subtraction with regrouping
  • Patterns with pictures and numbers
  • Comparing and ordering numbers
  • Repeated addition (getting ready for multiplication)

*Please remember that all concepts are spiraled throughout the year, meaning we will continue to review all concepts that have been previously taught.


Our new reading story is Destiny’s Gift by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley.  The story is about friendship, creativity, and the power of words.  The vocabulary words for this story are:  figure, earn, spreading, raise, contacted, customers, block, and afford.  Have your child tell you the meanings of the words so you can see how much they know.  The comprehension skills we are working on include multiple-meaning words, context clues, understanding characters, setting, drawing conclusions, making inferences, main idea & details, and summarizing.



Our current core words are:  few, those, always, show, and large.  Remember to review “No Excuse” words because those are always on our tests.  Remember that the words must be used correctly in context on the test.  Our next spelling test will be Monday, October 17.


GRAMMAR:  We’re still working on identifying common and proper nouns.  We are also still reviewing the four types of sentences.

The second six weeks ends on Friday, November 4, and report cards will be sent home Thursday, November 10.

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  1. Thank you so much for being so informative! This is great and I cannot wait to discuss all the great things you are all learning with Blake!

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